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Kids Play Glitter

Wear glitter to dance practice, at-home concerts, or just for fun to bring some extra sparkle into the day!! 
Glitter gel for hair, face, and body.
 Vegan and Cruelty-free
Avoid eye contact
Do not ingest
For ages 3+
Application: 1. Twist lid open 2. Dip a cosmetic brush or clean finger in the jar 3. Apply to skin and hair
Removal: 1. Use a wet cloth with cleanser 2. Gently wipe skin until clean 3. Brush from hair and shampoo

Customer Reviews

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Do not hesitate!!

My little girl wears this almost every day!! It makes her feel confident, and so happy to have this as a part of our routine now! We used to struggle doing her hair everyday, because she would not let us touch her hair… but we definitely do not have that problem now! We do her hair, add some glitter and she’s good to go!! It has lasted us forever also 🤩

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